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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2021

Question: How do you track sushi?

Answer: Worry less about the “right” way to track it and think more about how COULD you track it...

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Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Question: When do you know when to stop a reverse and know when you should be in maintenance? My goal is to have muscle definition

Answer: You'll want to look at the Reverse Diet flow chart in Module 5. On this flow chart you'll see that when your scale and/or waist measurement increase, you'll want to hold tight for another week, then if for 2 weeks in a row you see an increase, you'll want to drop 100 calories and call that maintenance. You'll want to continue eating at your maintenance until you have gotten maximum muscle growth then you can choose to enter a bulk if you desire more muscle growth.

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Macro 101 Planner

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Question: Hi, I just purchased the Macros 101 Workbook and My Success is Inevitable. It mentions the Macros 101 Planner. What is the Planner?

Answer: The planner has the cover that says "My Success is Inevitable". 

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Question about adding a recipe to MFP

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

I don't think that I am entering recipes into MFP correctly. Will you please look at this information and tell me if it's right, and if it's not tell me what I did wrong? Here's the recipe:
1 lb mushrooms
3 Tbsp. Olive oil
1 can diced tomatoes
14.5 oz can tomato paste
1 onion diced
4 minced garlic cloves
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp oregano
1 lb pasta uncooked
I entered all the ingredients and MFP and made the servings six. After it's cooked and put it all together and I weighed it on my scale minus the weight of the pot it was in. It came out to 2,301g. I weighed a serving for myself which weighed 183g then went into MFP and changed the total servings to 183 g. It came out to 130 calories, 22.1 carbs, , 3.1g fat and 4.4g protein. That just seems low to me and that's why I am questioning if I did this right or not. Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer: When you enter the recipe into MFP you'll want to enter the total numbers of servings as 2301. Then if you eat 183 grams, you'll enter...

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Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Question: Do i need to include my Collagen in my total protein? Curious since its not a complete protein.

Answer: Great question! Yes, if your collagen has protein then you will want to track it. Do you track beans? Of course! Those aren't a complete protein however we still track them. Do we want all our protein to come from incomplete protein, no, but its a-ok for some protein to be from incomplete sources like beans, collagen, vegetables, and nuts. 

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Turning in Food Tracking

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Question: I must have missed where and how I turn in my food log. I've tracked my food intake for about 4 weeks now. Can you help me?

Answer: If you opted to have a coach set your Custom Macros then you'll want to submit the form that came via email after purchase. If you aren't able to locate the form you can email [email protected] and we can help you out.

If you did not purchase custom macros than the tracking and data is for you to utilize in making the decisions on the next best step in your journey. If you are unsure of how to use the data to make decisions in your journey you can always reach out the coaches in Circle so that they can give you individualized coaching on how to become a macro scientist. 

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Macros for Maintenance or Muscle Gain?

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Question: Hi! Over the past year (really starting in May of 2020), I've successfully lost 30 pounds with macros! Yay! About May of 2021, I decided to stop counting everyday and let my body cues tell me whether I needed to eat or not. Since May, I've really maintained my weight loss (+/_ 2-3 pounds). At this point, I joined Macros 101 because I would like to see better performance at the gym. I've been doing CrossFit regularly for about a year and while my body composition has greatly improved, I haven't seen strength gains. My question: should I calculate macros for strength gain or should I calculate for maintenance? I'm regretting not tracking all summer because I think I've been hitting maintenance based on my weight, but now I'm not really sure what my maintenance macros are. Thank you!

Answer: Great question! We always suggest eating at maintenance and building the maximum amount of strength and muscle that you can before moving onto a bulk.  

To figure out your...

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Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Question: I am confused about how to track alcohol. In the example provided, for counting as fats and for counting as carbs, you mutiply the number of carbs(or fats) by 4. why?

Answer: When logging alcohol you first want to decide if you will log it as carbs or fats. If there are carbs labeled on the nutritional information you will for sure what to log those carbs then decide if the remaining calories will be logged as carbs or fats. 

If your drink of choice has 125 calories and the label shows 3 carbs. You'll first want to track the 3 carbs, then you'll multiple 3x4 (  there are 4 calories for every gram of carbs) so now you will do 125 calories -12 calories = 113 calories, which means you need to track 113 calories still. You can either do 113/4= 28 carbs + original 3 carbs = so you'll track your drink as 31 carbs. ( you divide the 113 by 4 because each gram of carbs as 4 calories)


You can track the original 3 carbs then again subtract 125-12=113 calories...

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Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Question: Where do I find module worksheets

Answer: The worksheets can all be found at the bottom of each module under "Downloads" at the bottom of the screen. You can also find all the worksheets grouped together in Module 0 under "MACROS 101 Workbook".  A printable version of the workbook is located in this section. 

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Activity Level with the Fitness Program Purchased

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Question: I purchased MACROS 101 Workout Plan and am wondering what the multiplier will be if I follow the plan working out the recommended 6 days a week(4 lifting, 1 HIIT, 1 LIIT)...Would I use the 1.725 to multiply to my BMR? I've already figured out what my MACROS would be without working out, but I really want to incorporate working out this time to get stronger and more tone. I just want to make sure I'm using the correct multiplier. In the past, I tried working out at a low calorie range and became dizzy and exhausted, therefore giving up on working out all together. =( Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer: Yes, you could utilize the 1.725 multiplier with your BMR. You could also opt to use a number between 1.55 and 1.725. The biggest thing to remember is these are your starting macros and you may find that adjustments are needed based on the feedback from your body. 

If you are setting your macros using option #1, meaning you don't know your body fat...

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